Step 1: "Get to Know You" Phone Call

This is your chance to ask any questions you may have about my services or process, and a time for me to learn about you: your project, needs, expectations, and general budget. Most people don’t yet know their design style preferences at this point, and that’s totally ok! Not to worry. We’ll work on that together until we find your perfect solution.

the corner of a metal and wooden bench detail, brick wall in background
soft texture of a green and blue pillow on a couch

Step 2: In-Person (or Virtual) Consultation

If you're interested in meeting face-to-face, we can gather at my studio in The Michigan Design Center in Troy at no charge to you. We can also do this meeting virtually over Zoom or FaceTime if you prefer. This is a great time for us to look at your blueprint together and also at any cell phone photos you have of your space. We’ll cover what working together will look like, along with fees for my services. If we both feel it’s a good fit, then we’re on to the next step: an onsite visit, which will require a starting retainer. If you're a busy person and would prefer to skip this meeting, we can also go straight to Step 3.

Step 3: Home Visit

During this walk-through, you'll guide me through your home one room at a time (this typically takes one hour). I'll take photos and measurements, and ask questions to better understand how you use your various rooms. If we’re working on a new-build, we’ll meet at your current home so I can see the lifestyle you’re accustomed to and the pieces that we'll incorporate into your new home. It will be helpful for you to share any inspirational photos you’ve found on Houzz, Instagram, or Pinterest during this visit. It’s not essential that you have your style or colors nailed down - just showing me images you like will inform me about your preferences and help move us forward.

textural wood zig zag pattern
artful decorative piece

Step 4: Design Presentation

This is the moment you've been waiting for and when the real FUN begins! I’ll show you an array of ideas specific to you and your space including sketches to help you visualize what things will look like. Together we’ll look at scaled layouts, fabrics, finishes, furniture, lighting, paint colors, and sketches for draperies and built-ins. For kitchens, we’ll look at tile samples and sketches. Countertop materials, cabinet finishes, plumbing, flooring, and all other things related to your space will also be a part of this presentation. After this meeting, you will undoubtedly feel thrilled and also maybe a little bit overwhelmed. That is completely normal and I am here to help. We'll schedule a follow-up meeting to review and finalize your orders.

Step 5: Ordering

Now is when we put your plan into motion! I’ll provide you with an itemized purchase agreement and request the deposit required to place your orders. Behind the scenes, I engage in a highly detailed process to ensure accuracy in every aspect of your space. I request cuttings (samples) of dye lots to approve colors before any fabrics are sent to vendors, and I often visit shops in person to confirm orders. We definitely want to get every detail right and I take this very seriously. If any unexpected issues arise, rest assured that I am here as your advocate to navigate things and find a solution.

wine bottle caps in a wine bottle storage holder
the end of a wooden black decorative staircase with white bannister in background

Step 6: Finish and Enjoy!

I will keep you closely informed as orders begin arriving at the local warehouse. We'll wait for multiple pieces to arrive before scheduling deliveries to your home. I will be present at all deliveries to ensure the proper placement of every piece. After the rooms are set up, I'll also bring accessories to give your rooms all the important finishing touches. And lastly, let's get some professional photographs of your magnificent new space! We can also talk about any other areas you might like help with in your home. And don't forget: it's time to schedule a party to show off this new home that you love!

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