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Terry Ellis smiling, wearing a black and white jacket, with a pink beautiful flower in the foregroundIt all began in high school when, for the first time in my life, I was given the freedom to decorate my bedroom however I saw fit. I created it exactly as I wanted it to be: the floor aglow with neon orange shag carpet, the bedspread a black cheetah print faux fur, and green glass beads hanging in the doorway. (As you can imagine, these provided me with the perfect sanctuary for listening to The Grateful Dead and other bands I loved back in those days).

In that special room, I had immersed myself in rich variations of texture, color, and pattern, three things which - unknownst to me at the time - were to become some of my greatest loves in life. In school, compelled to take a class that would allow me to further explore this newfound passion, I signed up for what was then called "Home Economics," and soon after, one of my class projects won a competition and hung in the high school glass display cabinet for over a year.

This early acknowledgment gave me all the confirmation and confidence I needed to make the exciting decision to follow my passion as a career. I completed a BFA degree in Interior Design from Wayne State University, after which I studied rigorously and passed the exam to become a highly regarded professional member of The American Society of Interior Designers. After working for a few prominent interior designers in the community, I joyfully opened my studio, Room Service Interior Design, within The Michigan Design Center.

Since then, I have been privileged to spend my days working with clients of endlessly diverse backgrounds and tastes. Whether the project is an all-new construction, a kitchen renovation, a luxe master suite, or something else - I love to bring delight, comfort, and joy to my clients' experience of home. Each client, each space ... I put my heart and soul into every one of them.

As an interior designer, I'm often asked where I find inspiration. In truth, I find inspiration to be all around us: in the architecture of our cities, in the artwork of our museums, and in the world of mother nature that surrounds us. For this reason, I have always made it a priority to make plenty of time for world travel amidst running a busy interior design business. A historically elaborate train station in Belgium, a cobblestone street in Croatia, or colorful marketplace items in Buenos Aires - when I return home from each trip, I feel filled up to the brim, abundant with new design ideas, and ready to create.

One of my favorite parts of my job is something that thankfully happens quite often. In the stage of each project when I present to my client the design plan with floor plans and sketches, samples, and swatches - I can sense the client's excitement and anticipation of how happy they're going to feel when we finish. I can hardly wait to make the magic happen! It is truly an honor.

And... as it turns out, I still love a good orange shag carpet and black cheetah faux fur whenever possible.

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