Reproduction painting of Spinoza
18″ x 23″

Statuary Print

Beautiful angelic print framed in silver frame.
41″ x 31″

Picasso-style Painting

Original art painted 2017, Inspired by the Picasso style
30″ x 40″

Vintage Family Portrait

Painted probably early 1960’s
16″ x 20″

Charming Island Girl

21″ x 17″


Original oil portrait, signed (1946)
18″ x 24″

Brand ​New ​Traditional ​S​mall Round ​Painted ​T​able​

Distressed painted table, very nice next to an easy chair.
26″ (diameter) 29 1/2″ (height)

Brand ​N​ew Vanguard ​E​nd ​T​able

​Beautiful soft gray painted finish.
29″ x 26″ x 29″ (height)
Originally $2807, now $1000.

Central Illinois Light Company​

Original wood and metal factory sign. Super cool industrial vibe. Rare find!
48″ x 14″

Brown Eyed ​W​oman​

Framed in gold, her beguiling eyes make a dramatic statement.
23″ x 27″

Spanish Couple

Original oil portraits from late 1800’s.  Regal and dramatic. Will hang proudly in your manse, perhaps with elaborate gold framing.
14 3/4″ x 18 1/2″
$1200 for ​the pair.

Red Costume

Original oil painting  Pride in culture, this robust beauty in red is beautifully detailed in pageantry.
21 1/2″ x 28 1/2″

Hong Kong Girls​

Delicate original poster
25″ x 36 1/2″

Midcentury Prismacolor Stewardess Sketch

From the fabulous 60’s when luxury flew the friendly skies
20 3/4″ x 27″


Room Service Interior Design is pleased to announce exclusive access to the wonderful world of VINTAGE FINDS. We shop all over the globe to discover unique accents, art and accessory items that we’d like to share with you. A bookshelf, mantel or coffee table is a great “stage” for a special conversation piece or antique. Every home interior, whether traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between becomes more interesting with a touch of VINTAGE. If you find something, as we did, that you can’t live without but are unsure of how to display it…just give us a call and we’ll help you place it properly. Or if you’d like to curate your own collection, we can help with that, too. ENJOY!

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